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Zu Zweit / together

Bettina Spoerri in NZZ:

"Thomas Douglas as Andreas is a sensitive and subtile male character - a combination not often encountered in the German film scene."

Bruno Rauch in Tagesanzeiger Zurich:

"Many of the scenes were clearly developed during filming, which gives the film a certain spontaneity. Not least thanks to good actors. Thomas Douglas portrays the emotionally endangered, helpless Andreas perfectly / wonderfully. A pleasure to watch."

Laudatio Zurich Filmprize 2010:

„Zu Zweit“ captivates through the thrill of risk, the unexpected development of the plot and the acting prescence of Linda Olanski and Thomas Douglas: a powerful image of real life."

Filmtip of the day - SRF 2 - Culture

"The fact, that Barabar Kulcsar, the director, lets the actors improvise, results in realistic and spontaneous dialogues. The ensemble is convincing in the art of improvisation, in particular the two leads Linda Olsansky and Thomas Douglas."

"Suddenly German"

Manipulation, Movie

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Orpheus Descending, Tennessee Williams, Theatre Basel

Alfred Schlienger in NZZ:

"Thomas Douglas as Val is not the irresistable beau, which one might expect. But he gives the character an agile presence, which moves seamlessly between nonchalances, gentleness and brave decisiveness. Val fills the room without exageration, but with feeling in every fibre. The laconic of Jim Jarmush, the desire of Wong Kar-Wei: it is pure pleasure to watch him."